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Innovation for a comfortable future

The key challenge of the past years has been finding materials allowing us the construction of revolutionary high pressure Airframes capable of replacing traditional metal or fibreglass poles. The main objective was to take the struggle out of tent setups and providing a high level of simplicity to the modern tent user.

The A.I.R. Tech System

The idea behind this system is simple and at the same time clever: Replacing the traditional metal or fibreglass poles with an inflatable Airframe keeping the substantial features of strenght and stability. The inflating process is astoundingly quick and easy. The supplied double action pump is safe and comfortable to operate and also features a special pressure valve that prevents from overinflating the single airpoles.

Overview of advantages

• Easy&quick setup
• Easy&quick take down
• Airframe and flysheet are always connected
• Less mounting parts
• No parts or elements with sharp edges
• No breaking or bending poles
• Lighter than tents with traditional metal or hybrid frames
• Excellent workmanship
• Modern design