Our functional style is marked by the joy of beautiful design, over 60 years of experience in development and production and a sixth sense for the expectations of campers from all over Europe. Our product managers are busy every day developing and implementing designs that cater for the needs of the outdoor and camping life. They base their work on valuable information and practical advice that we continuosly receive from experienced customers. And exactly this really unique possibility of a direct implementation of innovative impulses is the most stimulating part of the design work - a job that allows to create requirement-meeting outdoor products for the future.

Inside the product

There is a lot more than just material and workmanship:
• Innovation
The continuous development and improvement of our products will make your outdoor experience safer and more enjoyable.
• Know - How
The know how of more than 60 years of activity can be found in every single product. Suggestions and advice from all around the world also flow constantly into the current production process.
• Brand awareness
Brunner products are authentic, functional and honest.
• Quality
For us quantity doesn't match with quality. Our products are professional products and made to cope with the qualitative requirements of the outdoor life .
• Price / Performance
Long-term product reliability at a fair price. As a family enterprise this is a particularly important concern to us.



Innovation inspires and stimulates the search for the New. The New that supports man in his very own nature to make life easier, more comfortable and safer. Innovation is the driving force that motivates and inspires this search, filling it with content and cleverness. The purchase of new equipment always represents an important decision where the factors function, design quality, workmanship and the price / performance ratio must melt together into an ideal mix. This year the Brunner Outdoor Catalogue 2020 again includes a variety of new developments from various product areas. A variety, just waiting to be discovered, used and tastefully combined. Just browse through it or use the convenient online catalogue in order to find exactly the right product with the right price option.



Quality products are generally recognized through the fact that they perform their function over a longer period correctly and reliably. Therefore it is necessary to provide the perfect combination and coordination of design and workmanship. The skill for this comes from many years of experience and from the various suggestions and useful advices that we receive from the users of our products. Even during the development, we can include a large amount of information into the new product - therefore improving it and its intended use.

Brunner - Outdoor in Motion
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Brunner - Outdoor in Motion
Voi restate a casa🏠 che a portarvi in giro per le fiere🎪del mondo🌏 ci pensiamo noi! Oggi esploriamo i ricordi degli anni 9️⃣0️⃣, gli anni del cambiamento!
Brunner - Outdoor in Motion, da 60 anni il vostro Partner per #avventure Outdoor in Motion!⛺️🔝🗺

#iorestoacasa #andràtuttobene #brunner
Brunner - Outdoor in Motion
Siete una coppia in cerca di avventura? Siete una famiglia in cerca di comodità? Siete alla ricerca di un tavolo spazioso ma poco ingombrante quando chiuso? #Brunner ha la soluzione a tutte le vostre esigenze, anzi tre: TITANIUM AXIA 2 - AXIA 4 e AXIA 6! Grazie alla suo speciale telaio pieghevole e al ripiano arrotolabile con livella integrata, avrete il Top 🔝 della comodità sempre con voi! Scoprite di più su www.brunner.it/it/tavoli/2716-titanium-axia.html

Brunner, da 60 anni il vostro partner per #avventure #Outdoor in Motion!
Alla scoperta dell'innovativo ERGONOMIC CONCEPT Brunner applicato alle sedie ARAVEL
La nostra storia per immagini, la nostra passione in un video, le nostre emozioni, i nostri 60anni!
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