About us

2020 - 60th anniversary of the foundation
Sixty years in business have enabled BRUNNER Ltd. to build up a wealth of experience and a solid understanding of this growing market.
Well-founded knowledge in product development, personal commitment and an up-to-date range of products fit together like pieces of a mosaic to form a unique structure. BRUNNER Ltd. has always followed market trends with great professionalism and personal enthusiasm. Thanks to a continuous updating of our production and offer, high technical standards and self-defined processes (development, design, purchase of materials) we guarantee the quality, originality and long-term value of our products. The extensive range now includes more than 3,000 items and offers specific products for outdoor, leisure and touring.

Joy - Innovation - Quality
These are the foundations of our 60-year history of growth. Today we are recognised as a leading company in Europe in the outdoor products sector and, at this very moment, we look back with pleasure and rejoice at what we have achieved together with those who have accompanied us all these years.

  • 1960 Anno di fondazione. Distribuzione giochi per l’aria aperta
  • 1965 Distribuzione articoli invernali

  • 1970 Distribuzione accessori Caravan
  • 1975 Partecipazione fiera Caravan Europa

  • 1980 Inizio attività Holiday Post
  • 1985 Distribuzione articoli outdoor

  • 1990 produzione articoli Brunner
  • 1995 Prima partecipazione al Caravan Salon

  • 2000 Distribuzione in 25 paesi
  • 2005 Produzione mobili outdoor

  • 2010 Apertura sede di Hong Kong
  • 2015 Inizio progetto OPS