Collapsible saucepans for use on cookers and stoves (gas and electric). Available in 2 sizes.


• Saucepan made from high quality silicone and stainless steel
• Lid made from break resistant glass with anti-slip edge
• Handles made from silicone covered metal

compact storage

Non stick surface


Folding housewares are a space-saving alternative to traditional bowls, buckets and basins and should not be missing in any of the modern camper equipment. They are very easy to fold, versatile and, especially when space is limited, ideal for stowage. To use it, simply apply a small amount of pressure to the bottom. All Brunner-FoldAway products can be folded up just as easily after use. General product features: • Material: PP/TPU plastic with dimensional stability • Lightweight • Space-saving stowage • Easy to clean • Durable • Safe to use

INOX Stainless Steel

  Art. Dimension Price (€)
VOLCANO FOLD-AWAY Ø 24 0804026N Ø 24 x 4,5/14,5 cm 49,90 €
VOLCANO FOLD-AWAY Ø 20 0804027N Ø 20 x 3,5/8,5 cm 41,90 €